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Thermo Scientific Savant

Product Description:

Savant Vacuum Concentrator - DNA SpeedVacs
·          DNA-series concentrators deliver unsurpassed cost-effective, fast drying and concentrating of small sample volumes in a compact, robust, and easy-to-use fully integrated package.
·          The DNA-series SpeedVac® vacuum concentrators deliver rapid and efficient concentration and drying of DNA/RNA samples, nucleic acids, PCR preps and synthetic oligos.
·          These easy-to-use, quiet integrated systems are designed to accommodate microcentrifuge tubes or shallow-well microplates.
·          A built-in, oil-free TEFLON® pump produces the vacuum required for rapid drying of samples with clean vacuum and no regular maintenance required.
Savant DNA120 SpeedVac Concentrator
The Savant DNA120 is a high performance DNA SpeedVac Concentrator offering rapid and efficient concentration and drying of small-volume DNA/RNA samples.
Product Features
·          Corrosion resistant, TEFLON®coated chamber provides years of lasting service
·          Built-in, oil free vacuum pump provides maintenance-free operation
·          Integrated and compact design
·          Extremely quiet operation
·          Choice of three drying rates
·          Optional swing-out rotor for two shallow-well microplates (RD2MP)
·          Optional post-trap assembly (ANT100)
·          Dual digital timers for independent control of heat and run times (DNA120/DNA120 OP only)
·          Savant DNA120 OP available for use with oligos comes complete with a glass cover and an ANT100 post trap with ammonia neutralizing solution ANS121.                             

Savant DNA120 SpeedVac Concentrator

Savant ISS110 SpeedVac Concentrator
The Savant ISS110 is a high capacity DNA SpeedVac designed for efficient processing of large batches of DNA/RNA samples.
Product Features
·          ETFE coated vacuum pump
·          4-liters -50°C refrigerated vapor trap
·          Temperature control:- ambient, medium, high
·          Can accommodate up to 120 x 1.5 ml microtubes and shallow-well microplates (with optional RH120-11 rotor)
·          Many optional rotors available including the RH2MP for two shallow-well microplates

Savant ISS110 SpeedVac Concentrator

Automated Integrated Savant SpeedVacĀ® Concentrators
- SPD1010 and SPD2010

SPD-integrated series concentrators deliver unsurpassed cost-effective, fast drying and concentrating of aqueous or non-aggressive samples in a compact, robust, and easy-to-use package.
The SPD benchtop integrated SpeedVac® vacuum concentrators deliver rapid and efficient concentration and drying of aqueous and low volume non-aggressive solvents, such as Methanol, Ethanol, and Acetonitrile, in a simple, easy-to-use, robust unit.
The SPD1010 and SPD2010 are ideal for drying DNA/RNA precipitates in plates or tubes, PCR samples in water/ethanol or isopropanol, and drying oligonucleotides.
These quiet, robust systems are designed for simple, quick installation, programming, operation and low maintenance.
·          Plug and play installation – no tubing connections with concentrator, oil-free vacuum pump, and cold trap all in one unit
·          Ease-of-operation – intuitive one program digital display allows you to program heat, run time, ramp rate and vacuum level
Flexible Design
·          Standard rotors hold two or more tube sizes
·          Rotors fit a wide variety of sample formats
·          SPD1010 holds 0.5 mL to 100 mL flasks, and shallow-well microplates
·          SPD2010 holds 1.5 mL to 500 mL flasks, and shallow-well and deep-well microplates
·          Ramp rate and vacuum control enhance mixed solvent evaporation and eliminate solvent bumping
Robust, Low-maintenance Design
·          Oil-free vacuum pumps is virtually maintenance free
·          PTFE coated chamber protects the chamber from corrosion, while making cleaning easy
Enhanced Evaporation
·          Faster sample drying provided with radiant cover
·          Reduced-length vapor path from concentrator to refrigerated vapor trap accelerates evaporation


SPD2010 Automated Integrated SpeedVacĀ® Concentrators

SPD Series Small Capacity Savant SpeedVacĀ® Concentrators
The Digital series contain enhanced digital programming features for added ease of use and versatility. These units are designed to save valuable laboratory space and are available in two formats for basic molecular biology applications and organic chemistry applications.
The Digital SPD-series SpeedVac Systems are enhanced to give additional controllability and ease of programming.
These systems contain:
·          Space-saving design
·          Automatic bleeder valve for un-attended start/stop
·          Digital display  of parameters for easy, reproducible selection
·          Independent timers for both heat and run
·          TEFLON coated chamber for superior chemical resistance and easy cleaning
·          Match up with an appropriate cold trap, vacuum pump or chemical trap for a complete concentration/drying system
There are three units in this family:
The SPD131DDA enhanced performance SpeedVac concentrator is a simple to use, bench-top concentrator.  It is economical and is ideal for personal or low through-put evaporation of strong acids, bases and aggressive organic solvents, approved for combinatorial chemistry.  Digital programming enhances usability.
The SPD131DDA is designed to handle the rigors and solvents of combinatorial chemistry. It incorporates a new slim design, digital display, dual independent timers, an automatic bleeder valve, and a deep Teflon coated chamber and vapor pathway. This machine is modular in design and can be custom configured with your choice of vacuum pump and cold-trap depending on your application.

·          Adjustable vacuum level to prevent samples from freezing
·          Chemically resistant dual automatic bleeder valves
·          TEFLON tubing
·          Radiant glass cover  providing excellent chemical resistance and additional heating for faster drying
·          Digital display  of parameters  for easy, reproducible selection
·          Independent timers for both heat and run
·          TEFLON coated chamber for superior chemical resistance and easy cleaning
·          Accepts all standard 'small' SpeedVac rotors and also a two-place microtiter plate rotor   

·          Enhanced evaporation model organic compatible.
·          Radiant glass cover to accelerate evaporation and reduce drying time
·          Vacuum end point mode terminates run when pre-set vacuum level is reached
·          Digital display of vacuum, temperature and time section

·          Basic molecular biology model – with increased microplate capacity
·          Simple display and programming


SPD121P / SPD111V SPD Series Small Capacity Savant SpeedVacĀ® Concentrators

High Capacity Savant SpeedVacĀ® Concentrators
High capacity SpeedVac Concentrator ideal for aqueous and organic solvents
Product Features - SC210A
·          Large rotor selection to accommodate a variety of tube sizes and types
·          Teflon®coated chamber provides long lasting durability against harsh solvents
·          Three selectable heating levels to optimize evaporation
·          Automatic bleeder valve automatically provides vacuum at the beginning of a run and bleeds chamber to atmospheric pressure at the end of a run
·          Radiant cover maximizes evaporation/sublimation rates (optional)
Ideal for combinatorial chemistry applications with aggressive solvents. Supplied with heavy duty rotor system as standard
Product Features - SC250EXP
·          4 IR heat lamps for drying high-boiling point solvents such as DMSO and DMF
·          Dual vacuum control of RAMP and LEVEL eliminates samples from bumping and/or freezing, provides optimization for various sample types
·          KALREZ®, TEFLON®and TEFLON®coated materials along the entire vapor path for maximum chemical resistance and durability
·          Dual valve mechanism for improved durability and exhausting
·          Comes complete with enlarged vacuum port, extra wide tubing and new extra large mouth glass condensation flask (GCF400)
·          Comes standard with 4 position, UPR-4A microplate rotor, heavy SUMAX400 magnetic assembly and choice of shelf carriers (UPC-1, UPC-2 or UPC-5)
·          Heated glass lid reduces drying times and prevents condensation
·          Digital display of parameters (time, temperature and vacuum)


SC250EXP High Capacity Savant SpeedVacĀ® Concentrators

Explorer SpeedVacĀ® Concentrators
The Explorer SpeedVac concentrator is a high productivity, compact product with sample integrity control designed for the rigors of aggressive solvents found in drug discovery and oligonucleotide manufacturing and R&D.
The Explorer SpeedVac combines high-capacity throughput, and sophisticated monitoring capabilities in a compact, innovative design that withstands the heavy demands of aggressive solvent environments including DMSO. 

High Productivity/High Throughput
Reduced-length vapor path and 5 liter, -55ºC cold trap accelerate cryopumping for rapid solvent evaporation including difficult to remove solvents like DMSO.

Rotors accommodate a wide variety of sample formats including up to 30 shallow-well microplates, 192 1 dram vials, 280 13 x 100 mm tubes, eight round or flat-bottom flasks, and two Gilson racks. 

New software links up to five programs that run sequentially, each with its own ramp rates and heat settings to optimize evaporation rates of mixed solvents.

High Sample Integrity
·          Intellitemp sample temperature measurement and control enables fast evaporation with assured sample integrity.
·          Five pre-programmed vacuum ramps and pressure control minimize sample bumping with volatile solvents or mixtures.

Robust, Low Maintenance, High Uptime Design
·          Dry diaphragm pump requires little maintenance – no messy oil to replenish and change.
·          Hot gas defrost and side drain of the vapor trap saves time with defrost and drain time of 20 minutes or less for a 4 to 5 liter load.
·          Chamber and vapor path designed to handle the most aggressive solvents found in drug discovery, combinatorial chemistry, and oligonucleotide preparations.

Easy-to-use Versatile Design
·          Optional Explorer Software Suite provides real time data logging and graphing from your PC for optimizing drying times, and GLP, QA and QC documentation
·          Front loading Clam-shell design for easy and safe access to samples with minimal exposure of user to solvent vapors.

Explorer SpeedVacĀ® Concentrators
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